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Welcome to the Psi Psi Alumni Big Brother page. This mission of this project is to expand the Big Brother relationship we all experienced as Sigma Chi undergrads at Syracuse University. We do this by providing a way to connect undergrads with a Psi Psi alum who can provide life mentoring, career guidance and just a friend to talk to. Each year Psi Psi has 60-80 undergraduate brothers but we have over 1200 living alums ranging from small business owners to C-level executives at major companies in every industry imaginable. Phil Oldham (Psi Psi ’66) has been President of the Sigma Chi NYC Alumni Chapter for many years and has long been a champion of the Alumni Big Brother program. We are bringing his vision into the digital age using LinkedIn, something the majority of us already use. We currently have 79 undergrad and alumni brothers who are already members of the Syracuse Sigma Chi – Psi Psi group on LinkedIn. We encourage you all to log into your LinkedIn accounts and request membership. Jim Fini (’83) is the administrator and will let you in.

In order for this program to work, we need lots of alums willing to spend a little time on working with a fraternity brother who is in the same position they were years ago. The bonds of Sigma Chi don’t end at graduation. Properly done, the principals of the Jordan Standard last for life. In fact, my career began when brother and former Consul John Charters (’80), a rising star at JP Morgan, hired me and John Honis (’82). We had offers literally before we graduated. The Psi Psi network effect continued when John and I moved in with brother Judd Caplain (’82) in August 1983, marking the beginning of a legendary period of career achievement and crazy fun for we Psi Psi brothers. My Psi Psi friendships are strong and continue to this day.

So, if you are an undergrad brother in good standing (this is important!) or an alumni brother who hasn’t yet registered with our the Syracuse Sigma Chi – Psi Psi LinkedIn group, please do so now so we can continue to strengthen the bond of brotherhood.

In Hoc,
Jim Fini (’83)
[email protected]

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